‘Necessity is the mother of invention.’   You’ve heard that old saying before, well that’s how we came about creating InnerVue and HIREGURU, both patented.  They are selfishly motivated creations!

After working with our clients in establishing a Right Process = Right People system for their salespeople hires, we found ourselves thinking there’s got to be a better way.  We found ourselves with scheduling problems with the candidate and hiring executives; time zone coordination issues; mounds of papers and notes everywhere, trying to schedule meetings to review potential hires was a nightmare!  You get the picture!

Eddie Huff, who has over 20 years in sales, sales management, is a proven business owner, and entrepreur, decided to create what he knew would work.  A system, a process, that engages the candidate from the get go, fosters accountability from applicants, gives the candidate the opportunity to complete tasks online on their schedule while keeping to an assigned deadline, allow executives and hiring managers to review candidate results at their leisure, all information is available online to all involved in the process…no more emailing docs and notes.

So, what does this look like?  It’s like having someone who is not impressed with snappy dressers, grandiose resume writers, the chatty chap who could swoon anyone, screen your potential hires BEFORE they come to you for a face to face interview.  All of the assignments are done by the candidates on their computer, at their home, office, where ever and hiring executives can review and comment on all of the completed files from their home or office, day or night, on the road or at headquarters.  Executives can make comments on each applicant, other executives can share and review, and collaboration is a breeze.

So, what do the candidates have to do?  At InnerVue, our unique patented program, candidates are asked to verbally record their answer to either our standard questions or customized questions that your team creates… these questions are timed and there are no “do overs”, totally candid.  The candidate is asked to upload a 90 second YouTube video (unlisted) on why they should be hired. Here candidates can be creative.  Using our Right Process = Right People guidelines…which includes a company customized Competency Model, you are on the way to uncovering the right candidate for your organization.